Hi There.
You are probably wondering what’s this all about?
We are living through an unprecedented peacetime emergency due to the pandemic.
This is affecting all our lives and our businesses and creating fear and anxiety causing us to worry that we will have the means to carry on now and in the future.
We at PIMdesign have benefitted over the past 20 years from UK businesses putting their trust in us to provide them with IT services. Without our customers and, especially, those in the North West of England, we would not have had a business over the past two decades.
We are not a company to sit on its hands in a crisis.
We have enormous empathy for everyone going through this unimaginable experience. We want to do all we can to help.
We do so without any strings attached. If we help each other, share resources, ideas and innovative ways to continue our businesses, serve our customers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers, we can get through this.
So we have a provided a simple form to allow you to post your business and tell everyone what you doing, how you are doing it, what you can provide etc. Anything you feel other business and the public need to know to allow you to carry on and to help others to do so.
This won’t last forever, but it will be months before we get back to any sense of normality.
When we do get through this – together – and when it’s over, we would have created many new ideas and ways of working that will help us, not just in any future crisis, but also in the years of prosperity ahead. We will learn there are different ways to conduct business, to reduce costs and waste.
Above all, we want you all to stay safe and healthy.

Warmest regards
David Frieslander and everyone at PIMdesign